Hey! Welcome to my website!

My name is Kyra Friesen and I am the videographer behind the name White Fox Videography. I am a world traveller, Jesus-lover, dreamer and full time creator with my camera following me wherever I go.

In the past few years as I have travelled the world I have come to realize that telling stories through the art of filmmaking is one of my favourite ways to remember memories. The people I met, places I discovered, cultures I experienced, and memories I made I didn't want to forget and so, I brought them home with me, to a small town in Manitoba, Canada in the form of short videos.  I've created many fun little travel films over the years and don't plan on stopping anytime soon!

Here's six facts about me:

1. I love Jesus. A whole lot. I'm going to be heading into full time ministry in the beginning of 2019 where I will spend a large portion of my year embarking off to unreached people groups to bring them the gospel and plant churches. Aka Iā€™m going to be a church planter lol. This is a huge passion of mine and I know that it is something that God has called me specifically to do as I continue to build His kingdom during my time here on earth.

2. I have a very adventurous spirit. God has blessed me with a love for different cultures, places and people and that has taken me to 12 countries! (so far) I grew up with a family who liked to go and vacation in Mexico, visit family down in Belize or Western Canada and a family who just loved to road trip throughout Canada and the USA. This, plus my personality, sparked a love for adventure.

3. Thrift shopping is where it's at for me. A majority of the clothes you will find on my hangers is from some thrift store from some random place in the world. I have clothes from German, Australian, Kiwi and American thrift stores (clothes are kinda like my souvenir) which are some of my favourite clothes. I think it's fun to have things that you know will be unique and not necessarily something that someone can find easily, especially if they're foreign.

4. I went sky diving in New Zealand. It was awesome.

5. I'm very musical along with the rest of my family! I've sung almost my whole life, learnt guitar and I was trained in piano for 14 years with hopes of becoming a performer one day. I decided in the end that that wasn't for me and so now here I am 3 years later and I'm so content with the place I have reached and the decision that I came to. I still play piano when I have time and usually play when I'm angry, stressed, or need a good cry, music is so soothing and I'm thankful I was taught how to do it well.

6. I LOVE to surf. Whether it's in the ocean or behind a boat on a lake I just love it so so so much. Literally my dream would be to live by the beach so I could just go surfing all the time. ALL THE TIME. Man, I just love it.

Well that's just some of who I am wrapped up in a few facts but I'm sure from looking through my website you will get a bigger picture of who I am!

Thanks for stopping in at my website and I hope we will be able to get to know each other in some way!



If you want to see some of my adventures from all over the world click on the 'Travel' tab and see the places I've been blessed to be able to see.