Alain & Shauna

This intimate, fall wedding took place on Shauna’s family ranch a couple of hours south of Steinbach along the Assiniboine River. The day was perfect with the beautiful autumn leaves, sounds of the rushing river and horses and of course the lovely couple celebrating this special day with family and friends!

Alain and Shauna along with their little girl Rose make such a sweet couple and I was so blessed to have been apart of their special day.

Spencer & Alex

This was my second wedding at Cielo’s Garden for the weekend and I loved every minute of it! These two were so wonderful to work with and their love for one another was in the air.

Things I really loved from the day were definitely the cardboard cut out of their dog that said, “My humans just got married!”, of course all the lovely spins during their first dance, and watching their little niece dance around with their grandpa at the end of the night.

There’s always something that makes a wedding special and unique, not one wedding is the same and I loved being able to witness and film this special day in Spencer and Alex’s life.

Ray & Chrystalle

A stunning wedding which started at a Cathedral in Winnipeg and ended at the ever so lovely Cielo’s garden. These two, and many of their friends and family flew all the way from Vancouver to Winnipeg just so they would be able to get married near Ray’s grandma. How sweet is that?

Both Ray and Chrystalle have such kind hearts, it really was such an honour to have been able to have captured their love and gotten to know them a little bit on their special day.

Hope you enjoy this wedding as much as I did!

Jordan & Melyssa

A beautiful French Canadian wedding tucked away in a little corner of St. Boniface on a gorgeous August day.

I love being a part of a couples big day that kick starts the rest of their life together, and this day was no exception! This wedding kind of felt like we were in a fairy tale and I definitely didn’t mind that.

Shout out to this spectacular couple for asking me to be a part of their big day!

Waylon & Kayla

These two had such a beautiful day celebrating their love for one another. It was one of the coldest days of my whole life (because Canada gets cold sometimes) but it was still so fun. Running out into the snow to do the first look, then hopping back into the cars as fast as we could to warm up again, plus standing in a freezing cold greenhouse is all so worth it in the end. They seemed to not mind the fact that they had to snuggle together more because of the cold so that's always a bonus.

Enjoy this beautiful Canadian winter wedding.

Todd & Samantha

This was such a sweet wedding. These two both have such kind souls and I was so blessed that I got to be able to be a part of their wedding day. This was only my third official wedding so I was incredibly grateful that they trusted me with something as big as their wedding! 

All the love for this couple!

Dustin & Jamie

Here are some of the funnest (I realize it's not a word but it suits I reckon) people you will ever meet, they also happen to be my cousins so lucky me! This was my FIRST wedding I ever shot and they were more than happy to let me film their day. Not quite a year later and I've been blessed to have been able to film 13 weddings since that day...that's crazy. So enjoy my first wedding film EVER!



Jared & Shae - Colorado

A beautiful mountainside wedding in Beulah, Colorado. This couple and wedding party were SO fun, I had such a blast getting to know them over the weekend and hanging out with them on their wedding day.

Jared and Shae have hearts of gold and their love for Jesus and each other is so evident!

Totally don't mind flying all over to capture people's love, it's just the best.


Ibram & Catherine

This was my first ever same day edit! Catherine while emailing me asked if I would be up for the challenge of trying out a same day edit on their wedding day, I’m so glad I said yes because it turned out so great!!

Ibram met Catherine whilst he was studying abroad in Sydney, Australia, and 5 years later here they were getting married on the other side of the world in Winnipeg (where Ibram is from)! I somehow always happen to land up with the international couples, but I don’t mind in the slightest lol. These beautiful Egyptians were such a fun time and they really know how to throw a party! Myself and my fiancé, who joined along to help out for the day, had such a blast getting to know these two throughout the day. We were sad to see the day end but so look forward to meeting up one day in Sydney with this unbelievable couple :)


Jake & Ineke

I did a video giveaway for all my lovely Australian’s and these two were the winning couple!! Gina Brandt photography and I had way too much fun running around with them along the coast of Sydney, getting blown around by the ocean breeze, dancing on top of stunning rocks and sand, and playing around in the water as we tried to avoid the hundreds of blue bottle jellyfish lol. To top it all off we were blessed with the most stunning sunset ever!

Was so fun getting to know these two and document their love for each other.

Bailey & Chantelle

These two were so so so much fun!

I loved being able to run around the Forks and just capture the love Bailey and Chantelle have for each other. I’m a big fan of laughter together and just getting those raw moments that really show what love means inside of a relationship.

If you haven’t considered doing one of these I would highly recommend it as it is such a fun way to document your love as a couple!


Matlock Beach, Manitoba

Photographer: @vanessarenaae

Model: @jozannatheolynn (+ husband)

Makeup: @ashleytiopoartistry

Flowers: @deerdutch

Hair: @looksbybrittney

Hairpiece: @lunaandstone

Dress: @annalangbridal


Camping, friends, surfing, fires, and poison ivy. Long weekends at their finest.

This was the first video I ever created with my camera. After this weekend I realized that I wasn't actually half bad at filming, so I took a shot and asked my cousin if I could shoot his wedding that November just to see how it would go. I realized very quickly how much I loved being a part of people's days and helping them to keep lasting memories, so I jumped head first into videography and have enjoyed every moment of it. 

Enjoy the beginnings of White Fox Videography, for this is where it all got started.

Cheers to good friends who fly all the way from down under to spend a year in the great white north with you. She ended up finding herself a man out here so I get the honours of flying out to shoot her wedding and be in the bridal party all at the same time! Wooooooo!!


Little Natalie.

Newborn shoots are just about the sweetest thing ever…to say the least I spend most of my time while editing crying because of how adorable the whole thing is. I just love being able to capture family’s and their genuine love for each other, it makes me sooo incredibly happy.

This little girl was such a gift to this family over this last summer and it was such a blessing for me to be able to create a mini film to try and capture how precious she really is.



Here’s a little behind the scenes of the making of Brandon Post’s live recording/music video of his single ‘Lifeline’ in Timberline Recording Studio. It was such a stellar time capturing all the behind the scenes action to create a small film for them to use as their application for Folk Fest next summer!

I’m a big fan of music so music videos are something I can never stay away from.